Creation V.jpg

Creation V


The wind is metal magnet to leaves
and whispers muffle listening sounds
tugging away terrors and trembling
fragments of torn memories
too jagged to escape the skull.

Others trickle like the narrowing stream
until it melts with landscape
where miraculous identification first became.

Anonymity reveals
the sacredness of names
and faces fumble to remain
within their place along the plowed
perimeters of recall.

Streets retain their time-framed petrifactions
and caves proclaim eternal image
while miraculous eyes
scan ancestral handprints
and winged enchantments of harbingers
to a misappropriated world.

This night I light a candle for the moon
and with a harmony of wind
tumble from listening abstractions
to the wonders of scars
among permissions that shaped our sight.

David's Music.jpg

David's Music

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Hiroshima II.jpg

Hiroshima II

The Wedding.jpg

The Wedding

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The Return

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Medieval Dreams.jpg

Medieval dreams

I and Thou (1).jpg

I and Thou

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Leda & The Swan



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Magna Mater

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Mirror Image